19 U.S.C. § 3007 - Publication of Harmonized Tariff Schedule

Cite as:19 U.S.C. § 3007
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-65 (10/09/2019)

(a) In general

The Commission shall compile and publish, at appropriate intervals, and keep up to date the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and related information in the form of printed copy; and, if, in its judgment, such format would serve the public interest and convenience-

(1) in the form of microfilm images; or

(2) in the form of electronic media.

(b) Content

Publications under subsection (a), in whatever format, shall contain-

(1) the then current Harmonized Tariff Schedule;

(2) statistical annotations and related statistical information formulated under section 1484(f) of this title; and

(3) such other matters as the Commission considers to be necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes enumerated in the Preamble to the Convention.

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