Quarles, 010480 MSAGO, 19800104

Docket Nº:19800104
Case Date:January 04, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Honorable Chester L. Quarles
No. 19800104
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 4, 1980
         Honorable Chester L. Quarles          Director          Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics          Post Office Box 5167          Jackson, Mississippi 39216          Dear Dr. Quarles:          Attorney General Summer has received your letter of request dated December 3, 1979, and has assigned it to me for research and reply.          You submit the following, to-wit:
“I would like to request your formal opinion on a matter concerning me and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. I would like to ensure that my actions in the Bureau are entirely appropriate and abide within the laws of the State of Mississippi. “The problem is essentially this: both Governors Finch and Winter would like for me to remain as Director of the Bureau until Inaguration Day in January. By the same token, the University of Mississippi will need my teaching and counseling services in early January. Obviously, I will not 'mix or double dip' salaries. I am wondering if it will be lawful and acceptable for me to remain on salary at the Bureau through January 31, 1980, and handle the administrative affairs of the Bureau on Firday, Saturday and Sunday while, in turn, teaching and counseling at the University on Monday through Thursday. I would count the days while teaching at the University as vacation days insofar as Bureau salary is concerned. On the days when I am at the University, the Chief of Enforcement will serve as Acting Director for the Bureau. “The only negative problem that I see in this situation is that if I should receive injury while working for the University (i.e. a Workman's Compensation claim). Also, I have a question in regard to my using State equipment. Certainly I would not use State equipment to travel to and from the University or for my

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