Quisenberry, 012280 MSAGO, 19800122

Docket Nº:19800122
Case Date:January 22, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Mr. Bill Quisenberry
No. 19800122
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 22, 1980
         Mr. Bill Quisenberry          Wildlife Heritage Committee          Post Office Box 451          Jackson, Mississippi 39209          International Paper Company Lands           Dear Mr. Quisenberry:          Attorney General Allain has received your longhand memorandum of January 17, 1980 and attachments of copy of deed, letter from International Paper Company and pro-rated tax schedule.
1) Your deed of acquisition includes the language that “Ad Valorem taxes for the year 1979 shall be prorated between the Grantor and Grantee herein as of the date of delivery of the conveyance.” 2) You point out § 49-1-29(c), Mississippi Code of 1972, which states that “no advalorem taxes shall be paid to any county by the game and fish commission on any land or property in which the title to such land or property is vested in the State of Mississippi....xxxx”
         On January 14, 1980, the Grantor forwarded you its check for its share of 1979 ad valorem taxes. You ask whether the...

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