49 U.S.C. § 13903 - Registration of freight forwarders

Cite as49 U.S.C. § 13903

(a) IN GENERAL.-The Secretary shall register a person to provide service subject to jurisdiction under subchapter III of chapter 135 as a freight forwarder if the Secretary determines that the person-

(1) has sufficient experience to qualify the person to act as a freight forwarder; and

(2) is fit, willing, and able to provide the service and to comply with this part and applicable regulations of the Secretary.

(b) DURATION.-A registration issued under subsection (a) shall only remain in effect while the freight forwarder is in compliance with section 13906(c).

(c) EXPERIENCE OR TRAINING REQUIREMENT.-Each freight forwarder shall employ, as an officer, an individual who-

(1) has at least 3 years of relevant experience; or

(2) provides the Secretary with satisfactory evidence of the individual's knowledge of related rules, regulations, and industry practices.

(d) REGISTRATION AS MOTOR CARRIER REQUIRED.-A freight forwarder may not provide transportation as a motor carrier unless the freight forwarder has registered separately under this chapter to provide transportation as a motor carrier.

(e) UPDATE OF REGISTRATION.-The Secretary shall require a freight forwarder to update its registration under this section not later than 30 days after a change in the freight forwarder's address, other contact information, officers, process agent, or other essential information, as determined by the Secretary.

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