31 U.S.C. § 3907 Relationship to Other Laws

LibraryUnited States Statutes
CurrencyCurrent through P.L. 118-34 (published on www.congress.gov on 12/26/2023), except for [P. L. 118-31]
Citation31 U.S.C. § 3907

(a) A claim for an interest penalty not paid under this chapter may be filed under section 7103 of title 41.


(1) An interest penalty under this chapter does not continue to accrue-

(A) after a claim for a penalty is filed under chapter 71 of title 41; or

(B) for more than one year.

(2) Paragraph (1) of this subsection does not prevent an interest penalty from accruing under section 7109(a)(1) and (b) of title 41 after a penalty stops accruing under this chapter. A penalty accruing under section 7109(a)(1) and (b) may accrue on an unpaid contract payment and on the unpaid penalty under this chapter.

(c) Except as provided in section 3904 of this title, this chapter does not require an interest penalty on a payment that is not made because of a dispute between the head of an agency and a business concern over the amount of payment or compliance with the contract. A claim related to the dispute, and interest payable for the period during which the dispute is being resolved, is subject to chapter 71 of title 41.

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