12 U.S.C. § 1713 - Rental housing insurance

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Currency:Current through P.L. 116-135 (03/26/2020)

(a) Definitions

As used in this section-

(1) The term "mortgage" means a first mortgage on real estate in fee simple, or on the interest of either the lessor or lessee thereof (A) under a lease for not less than ninety-nine years which is renewable or (B) under a lease having a period of not less than fifty years to run from the date the mortgage was executed, upon which there is located or upon which there is to be constructed a building or buildings designed principally for residential use, or upon which there is located or to be constructed facilities for manufactured homes, and the term "first mortgage" means such classes of first liens as are commonly given to secure advances (including but not being limited to advances during construction) on, or the unpaid purchase price of, real estate under the laws of the State, in which the real estate is located, together with the credit instrument or instruments, if any, secured thereby, and may be in the form of trust mortgages or mortgage indentures or deeds of trust securing notes, bonds, or other credit instruments.

(2) The term "mortgagee" means the original lender under a mortgage, and its successors and assigns, and includes the holders of credit instruments issued under a trust mortgage or deed of trust pursuant to which such holders act by and through a trustee therein named.

(3) The term "mortgagor" means the original borrower under a mortgage and its successors and assigns.

(4) The term "maturity date" means the date on which the mortgage indebtedness would be extinguished if paid in accordance with the periodic payments provided for in the mortgage.

(5) The term "slum or blighted area" means any area where dwellings predominate which, by reason of dilapidation, overcrowding, faulty arrangement or design, lack of ventilation, light or sanitation facilities, or any combination of these factors, are detrimental to safety, health, or morals.

(6) The term "rental housing" means housing, the occupancy of which is permitted by the owner thereof in consideration of the payment of agreed charges, whether or not, by the terms of the agreement, such payment over a period of time will entitle the occupant to the ownership of the premises or space in a manufactured home court or park properly arranged and equipped to accommodate manufactured homes.

(7) The term "State" includes the several States, and Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.

(b) Insurance of additional mortgages

In addition to mortgages insured under section 1709 of this title, the Secretary is authorized to insure mortgages as defined in this section (including advances on such mortgages during construction) which cover property held by-

(1) Federal or State instrumentalities, municipal corporate instrumentalities of one or more States, or limited dividend or redevelopment or housing corporations restricted by Federal or State laws or regulations of State banking or insurance departments as to rents, charges, capital structure, rate of return, or methods of operation; or

(2) any other mortgagor approved by the Secretary. The Secretary may, in the Secretary's discretion, require any such mortgagor to be regulated or restricted as to rents or sales, charges, capital structure, rate of return, and methods of operation so as to provide reasonable rentals to tenants and a reasonable return on the investment. Any such regulations or restrictions shall continue for such period or periods as the Secretary, in the Secretary's discretion, may require, including until the termination of all obligations of the Secretary under the insurance and during such further period of time as the Secretary shall be the owner, holder, or reinsurer of the mortgage. The Secretary may make such contracts with and acquire, for not to exceed $100, such stock or interest in the mortgagor as he may deem necessary to render effective any such regulations or restrictions. The stock or interest acquired by the Secretary shall be paid for out of the General Insurance Fund, and shall be redeemed by the mortgagor at par upon the termination of all obligations of the Secretary under the insurance.

The insurance of mortgages under this section is intended to facilitate particularly the production of rental accommodations, at reasonable rents, of design and size suitable for family living. The Secretary is, therefore, authorized in the administration of this section to take action, by regulation or otherwise, which will direct the benefits of mortgage insurance hereunder primarily to those projects which make adequate provision for families with children, and in which every effort has been made to achieve moderate rental charges.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section, the Secretary may not insure any mortgage under this section (except a mortgage with respect to a manufactured home park designed exclusively for occupancy by elderly persons) unless the mortgagor certifies under oath that in selecting tenants for the property covered by the mortgage he will not discriminate against any family by reason of the fact that there are children in the family, and that he will not sell the property while the insurance is in effect unless the purchaser so certifies, such certification to be filed with the Secretary. Violation of any such certification shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not to exceed $500.

(c) Eligibility for insurance; mortgage limits

To be eligible for insurance under this section a mortgage on any property or project shall involve a principal obligation in an amount-

(1) Repealed. Pub. L. 93-383 �304(a)(1), Aug. 22, 1974, 88 Stat. 677.

(2) Not to exceed 90 per centum of the estimated value of the property or project (when the proposed improvements are completed): Provided, That this limitation shall not apply to mortgages on housing in Alaska or in Guam, but such a mortgage may involve a principal obligation in an amount not to exceed 90 per centum of the amount which the Secretary estimates will be the replacement cost of the property or project when the proposed improvements are completed (the value of the property or project as such term is used in this paragraph may include the land, the proposed physical improvements, utilities within the boundaries of the property or project, architect's fees, taxes, and interest accruing during construction, and other miscellaneous charges incident to construction and approved by the Secretary): And provided further, That nothing contained in this section shall preclude the insurance of mortgages covering existing construction located in slum or blighted areas, as defined in paragraph (5) of subsection (a) of this section, and the Secretary may require such repair or rehabilitation work to be completed as is, in his discretion, necessary to remove conditions detrimental to safety, health, or morals; and


(A) Not to exceed, for such part of the property or project as may be attributable to dwelling use (excluding exterior land improvements as defined by the Secretary), $38,025 per family unit without a bedroom, $42,120 per family unit with one bedroom, $50,310 per family unit with two bedrooms, $62,010 per family unit with three bedrooms, and $70,200 per family unit with four or more bedrooms, or not to exceed $17,460 per space; except that as to projects to consist of elevator type structures the Secretary may in his discretion, increase the dollar amount limitations per family unit to not to exceed $43,875 per family unit without a bedroom, $49,140 per family unit with one bedroom, $60,255 per family unit with two bedrooms, $75,465 per family unit with three bedrooms, and $85,328 per family unit with four or more bedrooms, as the case may be, to compensate for the higher costs incident to the construction of elevator-type structures of sound standards of construction and design;

(B) the Secretary may, by regulation, increase any of the dollar amount limitations in subparagraph (A) (as such limitations may have been adjusted in accordance with section 1712a of this title) by not to exceed 170 percent in any geographical area where the Secretary finds that cost levels so require and by not to exceed 170 percent, or 215 percent in high cost areas, where the Secretary determines it necessary on a project-by-project basis, but in no case may any such increase exceed 90 percent where the Secretary determines that a mortgage purchased or to be purchased by the Government National Mortgage Association in implementing its special assistance functions under section 1720 1 of this title (as such section existed immediately before November 30, 1983) is involved. Notwithstanding any other provision of this paragraph, the amount which may be insured under this section may be increased by up to 20 percent if such increase is necessary to account for the increased cost of the project due to the installation therein of a solar energy system (as defined in subparagraph (3) of the last paragraph of section 1703(a) of this title) or residential energy conservation measures (as defined in section 8211(11)(A) through (G) and (I) of title 42) 1 in cases where the Secretary determines that such measures are in addition to those required under the minimum property standards and will be cost-effective over the life of the measure.

The mortgage shall provide for complete amortization by periodic payments (unless otherwise approved by the Secretary) within such term as the Secretary shall prescribe, and shall bear interest at such rate as may be agreed upon by the mortgagor and the mortgagee. The Secretary may consent to the release of a part or parts of the mortgaged property from the lien of the mortgage upon such terms and conditions as he may prescribe and the mortgage may provide for such release. No mortgage shall be accepted for insurance under this section or section 1715a 1 of this title unless the Secretary finds that the property or project, with respect to which the mortgage is executed, is economically sound. Such property or project may include five or more family units and may include such commercial and community facilities as the Secretary deems adequate to serve the occupants.

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