Tex. Bus. Org. Code § 152.052 - Rules For Determining If Partnership Is Created

Cite as:Tex. Bus. Org. Code § 152.052
Currency:Current with legislation from the 2019 Regular Session effective as of December 31, 2020

(a) Factors indicating that persons have created a partnership include the persons':

(1) receipt or right to receive a share of profits of the business;

(2) expression of an intent to be partners in the business;

(3) participation or right to participate in control of the business;

(4) agreement to share or sharing:

(A) losses of the business; or

(B) liability for claims by third parties against the business; and

(5) agreement to contribute or contributing money or property to the business.

(b) One of the following circumstances, by itself, does not indicate that a person is a partner in the business:

(1) the receipt or right to receive a share of profits as payment:

(A) of a debt, including repayment by installments;

(B) of wages or other compensation to an employee or independent contractor;

(C) of rent;

(D) to a former partner, surviving spouse or representative of a deceased or disabled partner, or transferee of a partnership interest;

(E) of interest or other charge on a loan, regardless of whether the amount varies with the profits of the business, including a direct or indirect present or future ownership interest in collateral or rights to income, proceeds, or increase in value derived from collateral; or

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