49 U.S.C. § 44940 - Security service fee

Cite as49 U.S.C. § 44940


(1) PASSENGER FEES.-The Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration shall impose a uniform fee, on passengers of air carriers and foreign air carriers in air transportation and intrastate air transportation originating at airports in the United States, to pay for the following costs of providing civil aviation security services:

(A) Salary, benefits, overtime, retirement and other costs of screening personnel, their supervisors and managers, and Federal law enforcement personnel deployed at airport security screening locations under section 44901.

(B) The costs of training personnel described in subparagraph (A), and the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of equipment used by such personnel.

(C) The costs of performing background investigations of personnel described in subparagraphs (A), (D), (F), and (G).

(D) The costs of the Federal air marshals program.

(E) The costs of performing civil aviation security research and development under this title.

(F) The costs of Federal Security Managers under section 44903.

(G) The costs of deploying Federal law enforcement personnel pursuant to section 44903(h).

(H) The costs of security-related capital improvements at airports.

(I) The costs of training pilots and flight attendants under sections 44918 and 44921.


(A) IN GENERAL.-The amount of the costs under paragraph (1) shall be determined by the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration and shall not be subject to judicial review.

(B) DEFINITION OF FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL.-For purposes of paragraph (1)(A), the term "Federal law enforcement personnel" includes State and local law enforcement officers who are deputized under section 44922.

(b) SCHEDULE OF FEES.-In imposing fees under subsection (a), the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration shall ensure that the fees are reasonably related to the Transportation Security Administration's costs of providing services rendered.


(1) AMOUNT.-Fees imposed under subsection (a)(1) shall be $5.60 per one-way trip in air transportation or intrastate air transportation that originates at an airport in the United States, except that the fee imposed per round trip shall not exceed $11.20.

(2) DEFINITION OF ROUND TRIP.-In this subsection, the term "round trip" means a trip on an air travel itinerary that terminates or has a stopover at the origin point (or co-terminal).

(3) OFFSETTING COLLECTIONS.-Beginning on October 1, 2027, fees collected under subsection (a)(1) for any fiscal year shall be credited as offsetting collections to appropriations made for aviation security measures carried out by the Transportation Security Administration, to remain available until expended.


(1) IN GENERAL.-Notwithstanding section 9701 of title 31 and the procedural requirements of section 553 of title 5, the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration shall impose the fee under subsection (a)(1) through the publication of notice of such fee in the Federal Register and begin collection of the fee as soon as possible.

(2) SPECIAL RULES PASSENGER FEES.-A fee imposed under subsection (a)(1) through the procedures under paragraph (1) of this subsection shall apply only to tickets sold after the date on which such fee is imposed. If a fee imposed under subsection (a)(1) through the procedures under paragraph (1) of this subsection on transportation of a passenger of a carrier described in subsection (a)(1) is not collected from the passenger, the amount of the fee shall be paid by the carrier.

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