OCGA § 44-13-41 - Selection of property as to which exemption not waived; affidavit as to valuation; jury trial; penalty for harassment of debtor

Cite as:OCGA § 44-13-41
Currency:Current through 2019-2020 Chapter 609

In case of a waiver and the levy of an execution, the debtor may select and set apart $300.00 worth of household and kitchen furniture and provisions as free from levy and sale. If, when such selection is made, the plaintiff in fi. fa. shall be of the opinion that said property is of greater value than $300.00, he may indemnify the levying officer and require him to proceed with the levy upon some part of the property or all if it be incapable of division. It shall then be the right of the debtor to make and deliver to the levying officer an affidavit stating substantially that the property selected is not of greater value than $300.00. The levy and affidavit shall be returned to the next term of the superior court of the county of the residence of the debtor and shall be tried as c...

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