15 U.S.C. § 78ddd - SIPC Fund

Cite as15 U.S.C. § 78ddd

(a) In general

(1) Establishment of fund

SIPC shall establish a "SIPC Fund" (hereinafter in this chapter referred to as the "fund"). All amounts received by SIPC (other than amounts paid directly to any lender pursuant to any pledge securing a borrowing by SIPC) shall be deposited in the fund, and all expenditures made by SIPC shall be made out of the fund.

(2) Balance of the fund

Except as otherwise provided in this section, the balance of the fund at any time shall consist of the aggregate at such time of the following items:

(A) Cash on hand or on deposit.

(B) Amounts invested in United States Government or agency securities.

(C) Such confirmed lines of credit as SIPC may from time to time maintain, other than those maintained pursuant to paragraph (4).

(3) Confirmed lines of credit

For purposes of this section, the amount of confirmed lines of credit as of any time is the aggregate amount which SIPC at such time has the right to borrow from banks and other financial institutions under confirmed lines of credit or other written agreements which provide that moneys so borrowed are to be repayable by SIPC not less than one year from the time of such borrowings (including, for purposes of determining when such moneys are repayable, all rights of extension, refunding, or renewal at the election of SIPC).

(4) Other lines

SIPC may maintain such other confirmed lines of credit as it considers necessary or appropriate, and such other confirmed lines of credit shall not be included in the balance of the fund, but amounts received from such lines of credit may be disbursed by SIPC under this chapter as though such amounts were part of the fund.

(b) Initial required balance for fund

Within one hundred and twenty days from December 30, 1970, the balance of the fund shall aggregate not less than $75,000,000, less any amounts expended from the fund within that period.

(c) Assessments

(1) Initial assessments

Each member of SIPC shall pay to SIPC, or the collection agent for SIPC specified in section 78iii(a) of this title, on or before the one hundred and twentieth day following December 30, 1970, an assessment equal to one-eighth of 1 per centum of the gross revenues from the securities business of such member during the calendar year 1969, or if the Commission shall determine that, for purposes of assessment pursuant to this paragraph, a lesser percentage of gross revenues from the securities business is appropriate for any class or classes of members (taking into account relevant factors, including but not limited to types of business done and nature of securities sold), such lesser percentages as the Commission, by rule or regulation, shall establish for such class or classes, but in no event less than one sixteenth of 1 per centum for any such class. In no event shall any assessment upon a member pursuant to this paragraph be less than $150.

(2) General assessment authority

SIPC shall, by bylaw, impose upon its members such assessments as, after consultation with self-regulatory organizations, SIPC may deem necessary and appropriate to establish and maintain the fund and to repay any borrowings by SIPC. Any assessments so made shall be in conformity with contractual obligations made by SIPC in connection with any borrowing incurred by SIPC. Subject to paragraph (3) and subsection (d)(1)(A), any such assessment upon the members, or any one or more classes thereof, may, in whole or in part, be based upon or measured by (A) the amount of their gross revenues from the securities business, or (B) all or any of the following factors: the amount or composition of their gross revenues from the securities business, the number or dollar volume of transactions effected by them, the number of customer accounts maintained by them or the amounts of cash and securities in such accounts, their net capital, the nature of their activities (whether in the securities business or otherwise) and the consequent risks, or other relevant factors.

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