Stacy, 010380 MSAGO, 19800103

Docket Nº:19800103
Case Date:January 03, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Dr. Bobby Stacy
No. 19800103
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 3, 1980
         § 29-5-57, etc. Capitol Commission          Dr. Bobby Stacy          Post Office Box 771          Jackson, Mississippi 39205          Dear Dr. Stacy:          Attorney General Summer has received your opinion request and has assigned it to me for research and reply, your letter of request stating:
         “ Section 29-5-57, Mississippi Code of 1972, requires the Capitol Commission to supervise and regulate parking of motor vehicles at the New Capitol Building, the Woolfolk State Office Building, the Walter Sillers Building, the War Memorial Building, the Mayfair Building, the Old State Capitol Building, the Executive Building and the Robert E. Lee Office Building, and to make all necessary regulations therefor to the end that parking space shall be available for state officers and employees whose official duties require their presence therein, the press, visitors and tourists except that parking spaces around the New Capitol Building to accommodate the members of the legislature shall be reserved and designated for that purpose in accordance with Section 29-5-65. Section 29-5-69 (House Bill 643, Chapter 434, Laws of 1972) reserves for Capitol employees specific areas for parking along parts of President and High Streets when the legislature is in session. House Bill 643, Chapter 434, Laws of 1972, has been cited by the Capitol Police as authority for prohibiting State employees in the Woolfolk State Office Building from parking in certain areas of a parking lot on Griffith Street requlated by the Capitol Commission for employees working in the Woolfolk Building and other State offices in the area. These certain areas are being designated for use by Capitol employees. Does Chapter 434,

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