RCW 48.11.080 - 'Surety insurance' defined

Cite as:RCW 48.11.080
Currency:Current through Chapter 37, 2017 Third Special Session

"Surety insurance" includes:

(1) Credit insurance as defined in subdivision (9) of RCW 48.11.070.

(2) Bail bond insurance.

(3) Fidelity insurance, which is insurance guaranteeing the fidelity of persons holding positions of public or private trust.

(4) Guaranteeing the performance of contracts, other than insurance policies, and guaranteeing and executing bonds, undertakings, and contracts of suretyship.

(5) Indemnifying banks, bankers, brokers, financial or moneyed corporations or associations against loss resulting from any cause of bills of exchange, notes, bonds, securities, evidence of debts, deeds, mortgages, warehouse receipts, or other valuable papers, documents, money, precious metals and articles made therefrom, jewelry, watches, n...

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