S.C. Code § 13-17-88 - Target programs of excellence; Industry Partnership Fund

Cite as:S.C. Code § 13-17-88
Currency:Current through 2019 Act No. 112.

(A) There is established within each of the three South Carolina Research Innovation Centers (SCRIC) established in Section 13-17-87 a target program of excellence reflecting the basic research currently undertaken at each center and serving as the focal point of the state's applied research and development in each of the program areas of excellence:

(1) The Upstate Innovation Center associated with Clemson University: Automotive Center of Excellence, an automotive technology development program, in collaboration with the University and International Center for Automotive Research (ICAR);

(2) The Charleston Innovation Center associated with the Medical University of South Carolina: Health Sciences Center of Excellence, a health science technology development program;

(3) The Columbia Innovation Center associated with the University of South Carolina: Fuel Cell Center of Excellence, a fuel cell and hydrogen technology program, in collaboration with Savannah River National Lab (SRNL); and

(4) Other programs necessary or appropriate to fulfill the purposes of this section.

(B) The South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA), through the SCRIC, may implement and manage the specified programs and other programs as the SCRA determines in collaboration with the public and private sectors. Additional programs also shall focus on fields in which the State has demonstrated existing or emerging excellence. Program activities are not required to be performed at a particular location. Programs to be conducted pursuant to this section must be approved by the SCRA Executive Committee.

(C) Each target program must coordinate with basic researchers, both inside and outside this State, and with industry so as to focus on and effect applied research, product development, and commercialization efforts in this State in the targeted field of excellence.

(D) A target program of excellence as provided in Section (A) may undertake the following:

(1) incubation needs for start-ups and spin-offs in the program area;

(2) demonstration projects and related teams charged with conceptualizing, attracting, and executing technology in the program area;

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