Utah Code § 57-1-5.1 - Termination of an interest in real estate - Affidavit

Cite as:Utah Code § 57-1-5.1
Currency:Current through the 2020 Sixth Special Session

(1) Joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety, life estate, or determinable or conditional interest in real estate may be terminated by an affidavit that:

(a) meets the requirements of Subsection (2); and

(b) is recorded in the office of the recorder of the county in which the affected property is located.

(2) Each affidavit required by Subsection (1) shall:

(a) cite the interest that is being terminated;

(b) contain a legal description of the real property that is affected;

(c) reference the entry number and the book and page of the instrument creating the interest to be terminated; and

(d) if the termination is the result of a death, have attached as an exhibit, a copy of the death certificate or other document issued by a governmental agency as described in Section 75-1-107 certifying the death.

(3) The affidavit required by Subsection (1) may be in substantially the following form:


State of Utah )

) ss

County of ___________)

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