Todd, 091021 ARWC, H003122

Docket NºClaim H003122
Case DateSeptember 10, 2021
Claim No. H003122
Arkansas Workers Compensation
Before the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission
September 10, 2021
         Hearing before ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE JOSEPH C. SELF, in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.           Claimant is pro se, failed to appear at hearing.           Respondents represented by MATT MAULDIN, Attorney, Little Rock, Arkansas.          AMENDED OPINION/ORDER           JOSEPH C. SELF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE          On May 29, 2020, claimant filed Form AR-C, alleging a compensable injury on January 13, 2020. To date, no attorney entered an appearance on claimant’s behalf.          On May 6, 2021, Respondent filed a Motion to Dismiss, alleging that it had been more than six months since claimant filed his Form AR-C with the Commission, but he had not made a request for a hearing in that time. A hearing on respondent’s Motion to Dismiss was scheduled for July 22, 2021. Notice of the scheduled hearing was sent to Claimant by certified mail at the last address in the Commission’s file. Claimant received the notice on May 24, 2021. Respondent represented that it sent a copy of the Motion to Dismiss to claimant’s last known address by regular mail and did not receive anything back...

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