16 U.S.C. § 1379 - Transfer of management authority

Cite as:16 U.S.C. § 1379
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-158 (08/14/2020)

(a) State enforcement of State laws or regulations prohibited without transfer to State of management authority by Secretary

No State may enforce, or attempt to enforce, any State law or regulation relating to the taking of any species (which term for purposes of this section includes any population stock) of marine mammal within the State unless the Secretary has transferred authority for the conservation and management of that species (hereinafter referred to in this section as "management authority") to the State under subsection (b)(1).

(b) Findings prerequisite to transfer of authority; State program; implementation

(1) Subject to paragraph (2) and subsection (f) of this section, the Secretary shall transfer management authority for a species of marine mammal to a State if the Secretary finds, after notice and opportunity for public comment, that the State has developed and will implement a program for the conservation and management of the species that-

(A) is consistent with the purposes, policies, and goals of this chapter and with international treaty obligations;

(B) requires that all taking of the species be humane;

(C) does not permit the taking of the species unless and until-

(i) the State has determined, under a process consistent with the standards set forth in subsection (c)-

(I) that the species is at its optimum sustainable population (hereinafter in this section referred to as "OSP"), and

(II) the maximum number of animals of that species that may be taken without reducing the species below its OSP, and

(ii) the determination required under clause (i) is final and implemented under State law, and, if a cooperative allocation agreement for the species is required under subsection (d)(1), such an agreement is implemented;

(D) does not permit the taking of a number of animals of the species that exceeds the maximum number determined pursuant to subparagraph (C)(i)(II), and, in the case of taking for subsistence uses (as defined in subsection (f)(2)), does not permit the taking of a number of animals that would be inconsistent with the maintenance of the species at its OSP;

(E) does not permit the taking of the species for scientific research, public display, or enhancing the survival or recovery of a species or stock, except for taking for such purposes that is undertaken by, or on behalf of, the State;

(F) provides procedures for acquiring data, and evaluating such data and other new evidence, relating to the OSP of the species, and the maximum take that would maintain the species at the level, and, if required on the basis of such evaluation, for amending determinations under subparagraph (C)(i);

(G) provides procedures for the resolution of differences between the State and the Secretary that might arise during the development of a cooperative allocation agreement under subsection (d)(1); and

(H) provides for the submission of an annual report to the Secretary regarding the administration of the program during the reporting period.

(2) During the period between the transfer of management authority for a species to a State under paragraph (1) and the time at which the implementation requirements under paragraph (1)(C)(ii) are complied with-

(A) the State program shall not apply with respect to the taking of the species within the State for any purpose, or under any condition, provided for under section 1371 of this title; and

(B) the Secretary shall continue to regulate, under this subchapter, all takings of the species within the State.

(3) After the determination required under paragraph (1)(C)(i) regarding a species is final and implemented under State law and after a cooperative allocation agreement described in subsection (d)(1), if required, is implemented for such species-

(A) such determination shall be treated, for purposes of applying this subchapter beyond the territory of the State, as a determination made in accordance with section 1373 of this title and as an applicable waiver under section 1371(a)(3) of this title;

(B) the Secretary shall regulate, without regard to this section other than the allocations specified under such an agreement, the taking of the species-

(i) incidentally in the course of commercial fishing operations (whether provided for under section 1371(a)(2) or (4) of this title), or in the course of other specified activities provided for under section 1371(a)(5) of this title, in the zone described in section 1362(14)(B) 1 of this title, and

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