Ala. Code § 15-22-31 (1975) - Warrant for retaking parolee; arrest without warrant; execution of warrant and fees therefor

Cite as:Ala. Code § 15-22-31 (1975)
Currency:Current through Act 579 of the 2018 Legislative Session

(a) If the parole officer having charge of a paroled prisoner or any member of the Board of Pardons and Paroles shall have reasonable cause to believe that such prisoner has lapsed, or is probably about to lapse, into criminal ways or company or has violated the conditions of his parole in an important respect, such officer or board member shall report such fact to the Department of Corrections, which shall thereupon issue a warrant for the retaking of such prisoner and his return to the prison designated.

(b) Any parole officer, police officer, sheriff or other officer with power of arrest, upon the request of the parole officer, may arrest a parolee without a warrant; but, in case of an arrest without a warrant, the arresting officer shall have a written statement by said parole officer setting forth that the parolee has, in his judgment, violated the conditions of parole, in which case such statement shall be sufficient warrant for the detention of said parolee in the county jail or other appropriate place of detention until the warrant issued by the Department of Corrections has been received at the place of his detention; provided, however, that in no case shall a parolee be held longer than 20 days on the order of the parole officer awaiting the arrival of the warrant as provided for in this section.

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