Wells, 010380 MSAGO, 19800103

Docket Nº:19800103
Case Date:January 03, 1980
Court:South Carolina
Mr. Vernon Wells
No. 19800103
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
January 3, 1980
         Mr. Vernon Wells          Cleveland, Missisippi 38769          Coroner Jury, serving summons           Dear Mr. Wells:          Attorney General A. F. Summer has received your letter of December 27, 1979, and has assigned it to the undersigned for research and reply. In your letter you state:
“I would like the ruling on being sworn in as Coroner. I have been the past Coroner and now I have won the Election for the next four years. I want to be sworn in before the seventh of January 1980. I had already planned a trip out of town. There are three other rulings that I need to know. 1. If the family was with the deceased, at the time of death, does the Coroner have to have a jury? 2. At the Nursing Homes, when under a doctor's care, when there is a nurse on duty, do I have to have a jury? 3. Can a Coroner that is also a Deputy summon the jury and then perform his duty as the Coroner? I would like your help on these matters.”
         It is the opinion of this office, that you as a coroner may be sworn in prior to the first Monday of January next succeeding the election; however, your term of office will commence to run on the first Monday of January next succeeding the election as provided by Section 25-1-5 of the Mississippi Code, Annotated, 1972.          As to your first and second question, the coroner must rely upon his own independent judgment as each case should and must be determined upon its own particular circumstances. However, this office, would respectfully draw your...

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