53 P.S. § 22742 - 'Work of art' defined; powers and duties of commission

Cite as:53 P.S. § 22742
Currency:Current through P.A. Acts 2018-133

The term "work of art," as used in this act shall apply to and include all paintings, mural decorations, statutes, bas-reliefs, sculptures, monuments, fountains, arches, ornamental gateways, and other structures of a permanent character, intended for ornament or commemoration. Hereafter no work of are shall become the property of the city, by purchase, gift, or otherwise, unless such work of art, or the design of the same, together with a statement of the proposed location of the same, shall first have been submitted to and approved by said Art Commission, acting by a majority of all its appointed members; nor shall any work of art, until so approved, be erected or placed in, over or upon, or allowed to extend in, over or upon, any street, avenue, square, place, common, park, municipal building, or other public place, under the control of the city or any department or officer thereof. And the said commission shall act in a similar capacity, with similar powers, in respect to the design of any municipal building, bridge, approach, lamp, ornamental gate, or fence, or other structure erected or to be erected upon land belonging to the city, or other public place under its control: Provided, That this section shall not apply to bridges costing less...

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