10 U.S.C. § 2208 - Working-capital funds

Cite as:10 U.S.C. § 2208
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-65 (10/09/2019)

(a) To control and account more effectively for the cost of programs and work performed in the Department of Defense, the Secretary of Defense may require the establishment of working-capital funds in the Department of Defense to-

(1) finance inventories of such supplies as he may designate; and

(2) provide working capital for such industrial-type activities, and such commercial-type activities that provide common services within or among departments and agencies of the Department of Defense, as he may designate.

(b) Upon the request of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Treasury shall establish working-capital funds established under this section on the books of the Department of the Treasury.

(c) Working-capital funds shall be charged, when appropriate, with the cost of-

(1) supplies that are procured or otherwise acquired, manufactured, repaired, issued, or used, including the cost of the procurement and qualification of technology-enhanced maintenance capabilities that improve either reliability, maintainability, sustainability, or supportability and have, at a minimum, been demonstrated to be functional in an actual system application or operational environment; and

(2) services or work performed;

including applicable administrative expenses, and be reimbursed from available appropriations or otherwise credited for those costs, including applicable administrative expenses and costs of using equipment.

(d) The Secretary of Defense may provide capital for working-capital funds by capitalizing inventories. In addition, such amounts may be appropriated for the purpose of providing capital for working-capital funds as have been specifically authorized by law.

(e) Subject to the authority and direction of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of each military department shall allocate responsibility for its functions, powers, and duties to accomplish the most economical and efficient organization and operation of the activities, and the most economical and efficient use of the inventories, for which working-capital funds are authorized by this section. The accomplishment of the most economical and efficient organization and operation of working capital fund activities for the purposes of this subsection shall include actions toward the following:

(1) Undertaking efforts to optimize the rate structure for all requisitioning entities.

(2) Encouraging a working capital fund activity to perform reimbursable work for other entities to sustain the efficient use of the workforce.

(3) Determining the appropriate leadership level for approving work from outside entities to maximize efficiency.

(f) The requisitioning agency may not incur a cost for supplies drawn from inventories, or services or work performed by industrial-type or commercial-type activities for which working-capital funds may be established under this section, that is more than the amount of appropriations or other funds available for those purposes.

(g) The appraised value of supplies returned to working-capital funds by a department, activity, or agency may be charged to that fund. The proceeds thereof shall be credited to current applicable appropriations and are available for expenditure for the same purposes that those appropriations are so available. Credits may not be made to appropriations under this subsection as the result of capitalization of inventories under subsection (d).

(h) The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe regulations governing the operation of activities and use of inventories authorized by this section. The regulations may, if the needs of the Department of Defense require it and it is otherwise authorized by law, authorize supplies to be sold to, or services to be rendered or work performed for, persons outside the Department of Defense. However, supplies available in inventories financed by working capital funds established under this section may be sold to contractors for use in performing contracts with the Department of Defense. Working-capital funds shall be reimbursed for supplies so sold, services so rendered, or work so performed by charges to applicable appropriations or payments received in cash.

(i) For provisions relating to sales outside the Department of Defense of manufactured articles and services by a working-capital funded Army industrial facility (including a Department of the Army arsenal) that manufactures large caliber cannons, gun mounts, recoil mechanisms, ammunition, munitions, or components thereof, see section 7543 of this title.


(1) The Secretary of a military department may authorize a working capital funded industrial facility of that department to manufacture or remanufacture articles and sell these articles, as well as manufacturing, remanufacturing, and engineering services provided by such facilities, to persons outside the Department of Defense if-

(A) the person purchasing the article or service is fulfilling a Department of Defense contract or a subcontract under a Department of Defense contract, and the solicitation for the contract or subcontract is open to competition between Department of Defense activities and private firms; or

(B) the Secretary would advance the objectives set forth in section 2474(b)(2) of this title by authorizing the facility to do so.

(2) The Secretary of Defense may waive the conditions in paragraph (1) in the case of a particular sale if the Secretary determines that the waiver is necessary for reasons of national security and notifies Congress regarding the reasons for the waiver.


(1) Subject to paragraph (2), a contract for the procurement of a capital asset financed by a working-capital fund may be awarded in advance of the availability of funds in the working-capital fund for the procurement.

(2) Paragraph (1) applies to any of the following capital assets that have a development or acquisition cost of not less than $500,000 for procurements by a major range and test facility installation or a science and technology reinvention laboratory and not less than $250,000 for procurements at all other facilities:

(A) An unspecified minor military construction project under section 2805(c) of this title.

(B) Automatic data processing equipment or software.

(C) Any other equipment.

(D) Any other capital improvement.


(1) An advance billing of a customer of a working-capital fund may be made if the Secretary of the military department concerned submits to Congress written notification of the advance billing within 30 days after the end of the month in which the advanced billing was made. The notification shall include the following:

(A) The reasons for the advance billing.

(B) An analysis of the effects of the advance billing on military readiness.

(C) An analysis of the effects of the advance billing on the customer.

(2) The Secretary of Defense may waive the notification requirements of paragraph (1)-

(A) during a period of war or national emergency; or

(B) to the extent that the Secretary determines necessary to support a contingency operation.

(3) The total amount of the advance billings rendered or imposed for all working-capital funds of the Department of Defense in a fiscal year may not exceed $1,000,000,000.

(4) In this subsection:

(A) The term "advance billing", with respect to a working-capital fund, means a billing of a customer by the fund, or a requirement for a customer to reimburse or otherwise credit the fund, for the cost of goods or services provided (or for other expenses incurred) on behalf of the customer that is rendered or imposed before the customer receives the goods or before the services have been performed.

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