Zachary, 051079 MSAGO, 19790510

Docket Nº:19790510
Case Date:May 10, 1979
Honorable Francis T. Zachary
No. 19790510
Mississippi Attorney General Opinions
May 10, 1979
         Honorable Francis T. Zachary          Zachary and Gillespie          Post Office Box 24          Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39404          Re: Depositories—Pat Harrison Waterway District           Dear Mr. Zachary:          Your letter request of May 2, 1979, addressed to Honorable A. F. Summer, Attorney General, has been received and assigned to this writer for research and reply. Your letter states:
‘This letter is written on behalf of Mr. O. L. Sims who is the officially elected and acting treasurer for the Pat Harrison Waterway District and he has requested that I ask your office to render an opinion concerning certain funds fo the Pat Harrison Waterway District. ‘Mr. Sims advises me that the facts are that for several years now there has been adopted and in existence a resolution duly and legally placed on the minutes of Pat Harrison Waterway District after having due notice on the agenda that the operating account of the Pat Harrison Waterway District be alternated each year between the Hattiesburg banks. That this practice has been in existence several years and that as treasurer of the organization he has taken this action every year. Mr. Sims advises that at a recent meeting there was moved and carried a motion to skip the Citizens

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