Legal APIs

Transform your documents and knowledge into new insights and services.

vLex APIs

Develop Enterprise-grade applications, utilise pre-trained models, anonymisation and classification APIs from vLex.

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Docket Alarm APIs

Docket Alarm offers a powerful APIs to developers that want to integrate case filings into their apps.

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Fastcase APIs

Leverage Fastcase’s data to bolster your firm's research and analytics projects.

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Legal APIs

Use cases

A sample of real-life applications possible through the power of vLex APIs.

  • Knowledge management

    Organise, search and transform documents to your firm’s needs. vLex's Iceberg application can help you to identify data in documents, such as names, citations, and much more. These can be removed or transformed, and files can be exported into desired formats ready to be used by your staff or clients. Iceberg can also use built-in quality and novelty models to ensure the correct information is organised and presented in the right way for your firm.

  • Privacy, data and confidentiality

    In a world concerned with privacy, data and confidentiality, it is important to quickly identify sensitive data in large volumes of documents. Iceberg is equipped in identifying keywords, phrases, names, and citations to then be processed, removed or linked to internal or external documents. Iceberg can standardise file types, and send them on to different departments and individuals for review.

  • Litigation and risk management

    Create prediction models to understand the likelihood of winning an upcoming court case using your internal data with Iceberg. Review the financial impact of case outcomes, and identify experts within your firm by analysing their legal knowledge through documents to ensure you have the right people working on each case and client project.

  • Regulation flow

    Keep on top of changes to the law around the world and keep your global workforce up to date with these changes. Iceberg can connect your team and data with the most recent regulations and precedents, extracting the key information from legal documents and sending this directly to specific staff to ensure you can act quickly.

  • Emerging markets and trends

    Connect your documents and internal data, such as your billing hours, to understand the emerging trends from customer needs, how your staff are investing their time, and identify gaps and opportunities to expand your business into new areas. Iceberg can also identify staff who could benefit from training or working with others in your firm to improve areas of your clients’ work.

  • Investigation and due diligence

    Create tools to search and keep your teams up to date on individuals, organisations and changes in the law by using data from your own internal and external sources, such as vLex’s vast collection of case law and legal documents.

vLex APIs


Identify and remove names or other personal information from any text input to protect privacy.

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Iceberg APIs

Pre-trained on legal data and easy to use, vLex's expanding collection of public APIs will accelerate your efforts to do more with your data, prototype solutions, and develop enterprise-grade applications.

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Discover valuable information and understand relationships across documents with classification, key phrases and citations.

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Fastcase APIs

  • Fastcase Primary Law

    Leverage Fastcase’s data to bolster your firm's research and analytics projects. Filter information to retrieve information using library types such as statutes or regulations, and keywords such as "COVID-19" or "Class Action".

  • Data Feeds

    Raw data feeds delivered in a variety of formats to meet your requirements including JSON, XML, LDML, and more.

  • Public Linking

    Fastcase’s unique Public Linking feature allows direct access to any document in Fastcase, even without an active Fastcase subscription. You can even personalize public links with your branding or specify documents with Boolean search queries.

Docket Alarm APIs

  • Search PACER and all of Docket Alarm

    Easy access to our PACER database and numerous other jurisdictions. Millions of filings and counting.

  • Retrieve Dockets and Documents

    Automate delivery of docket information, direct from hundreds of U.S. courts.

  • Track Cases and Receive Push Notifications

    Real-time updates on case activity and customizable notifications.

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