5 U.S.C. § 3401 - Definitions

Cite as5 U.S.C. § 3401

For the purpose of this chapter-

(1) "agency" means-

(A) an Executive agency;

(B) a military department;

(C) an agency in the judicial branch;

(D) the Library of Congress;

(E) the Botanic Garden; and

(F) the Office of the Architect of the Capitol; but does not include-

(i) a Government controlled corporation;

(ii) the Tennessee Valley Authority;

(iii) the Virgin Islands Corporation;

(iv) the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice;

(v) the Central Intelligence Agency; and

(vi) the National Security Agency, Department of Defense; and

(2) "part-time career employment" means part-time employment of 16 to 32 hours a week (or 32 to 64 hours during a biweekly pay period in the case of a flexible or compressed work schedule under subchapter II of chapter 61 of this title) under a schedule consisting of an equal or varied number of hours per day, whether in a position which would be part-time without regard to this section or one established to allow job-sharing or comparable arrangements, but does not include employment on a temporary or intermittent basis.

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