21 U.S.C. § 886a - Diversion Control Fee Account

Cite as:21 U.S.C. § 886a
Currency:Current through P.L. 116-135 (03/26/2020)

(1) In general

There is established in the general fund of the Treasury a separate account which shall be known as the Diversion Control Fee Account. For fiscal year 1993 and thereafter:

(A) There shall be deposited as offsetting receipts into that account all fees collected by the Drug Enforcement Administration, in excess of $15,000,000, for the operation of its diversion control program.

(B) Such amounts as are deposited into the Diversion Control Fee Account shall remain available until expended and shall be refunded out of that account by the Secretary of the Treasury, at least on a quarterly basis, to reimburse the Drug Enforcement Administration for expenses incurred in the operation of the diversion control program. Such reimbursements shall be made without distinguishing between expenses related to controlled substance activities and expenses related to chemical activities.

(C) Fees charged by the Drug Enforcement Administration under its diversion control program shall be set at a level that ensures the recovery of the full costs of operating the various aspects of that program.

(D) The amount required to be refunded from the Diversion Control Fee Account for fiscal year 1994 and thereafter shall be refunded in accordance with estimates made in the budget request of the Attorney General for those fiscal years. Any proposed changes in the amounts designated in said budget requests shall only be made after notification to the Committees on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Senate fifteen days in advance.

(2) Definitions

In this section:

(A) Diversion control program

The term "diversion control program" means the controlled substance and chemical diversion control activities of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

(B) Controlled substance and chemical diversion control activities

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