21 U.S.C. § 2204 Building Domestic Capacity

LibraryUnited States Statutes
CurrencyCurrent through P.L. 118-22 with Court Rules updates (published on www.congress.gov on 12/01/2023)
Citation21 U.S.C. § 2204

(a) In general

(1) Initial report

The Secretary, in coordination with the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Homeland Security, shall, not later than 2 years after January 4, 2011, submit to Congress a comprehensive report that identifies programs and practices that are intended to promote the safety and supply chain security of food and to prevent outbreaks of foodborne illness and other food-related hazards that can be addressed through preventive activities. Such report shall include a description of the following:

(A) Analysis of the need for further regulations or guidance to industry.

(B) Outreach to food industry sectors, including through the Food and Agriculture Coordinating Councils referred to in section 2203 of this title, to identify potential sources of emerging threats to the safety and security of the food supply and preventive strategies to address those threats.

(C) Systems to ensure the prompt distribution to the food industry of information and technical assistance concerning preventive strategies.

(D) Communication systems to ensure that information about specific threats to the safety and security of the food supply are rapidly and effectively disseminated.

(E) Surveillance systems and laboratory networks to rapidly detect and respond to foodborne illness outbreaks and other food-related hazards, including how such systems and networks are integrated.

(F) Outreach, education, and training provided to States and local governments to build State and local food safety and food defense capabilities, including progress implementing strategies developed under sections 2202 and 2224 of this title.

(G) The estimated resources needed to effectively implement the programs and practices identified in the report developed in this section over a 5-year period.

(H) The impact of requirements under this Act (including amendments made by this Act) on certified organic farms and facilities (as defined in section 350d of this title.1

(I) Specific efforts taken pursuant to the agreements authorized under section 350j(c) of this title (as added by section 201),2 together with, as necessary, a description of any additional authorities necessary to improve seafood safety.

(2) Biennial reports

On a biennial basis following the submission of the report under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall submit to Congress a report that-

(A) reviews previous food safety programs and practices;

(B) outlines the success of those programs and practices;

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